General provisions is an entertainment website where people having logged in using their Facebook or Google accounts can upload pictures taken by them and guess where the uploaded pictures were taken.  

1. Website usage procedure:

1.1. All registered users of the website agree to the website terms of use.

1.2. Using the website is free of charge.

1.3. owners reserve the right to change the terms of use of the website.

1.4. Any website user account may be blocked without any separate explanation.

1.5. Users registered with the website agree that, if necessary, the owner of the website would send e-mails related to the use of the website to an e-mail address received at the time of registration.

2. Procedure for the upload and approval of pictures:

2.1. Pictures uploaded to the website shall be:

    • no larger than 16 megabytes,
    • in JPEG or JPG format,
    • at least 600 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.

2.2. Uploaded pictures can be slightly improved digitally: cropped, aligned, their colors slightly adjusted.

2.3. Before approving uploaded pictures, a website administrator can modify them.  

2.4. Pictures uploaded to the website shall portray public places accessible and visible to any person.

2.5. Pictures uploaded on the website shall be displayed to website visitors only after a website administrator approves them.  

2.6. Website administrator may leave uploaded pictures unapproved - uploaded pictures can be rejected without a separate explanation.

2.7. A person having uploaded pictures shall confirm and ensure that the pictures submitted are his/ her original creations that do not infringe rights of any other person or author’s rights and other intellectual property rights, and that other persons have no rights or legitimate interests to these pictures.

2.8. Pictures cannot be obscene, provocative, sexually explicit or otherwise in conflict with moral norms, promoting racial or ethnic discrimination or hatred.

2.9. In case of suspected copyright violations please contact a registered member of the website who uploaded the picture. If violations do not stop after a warning, please inform an administrator of the website by email

2.10. If a person photographed in a picture uploaded on the website or a holder of copyrights to a picture do not agree with the publication of the picture or submit a complaint with regard to that, a person having published a picture shall be held liable for that.